The Birth Business Curse

birth biz rants Sep 19, 2019

I'm going to share with you the 3 curses of the new birth business. These curses are innane and boring but when combined often mean certain death or at least slow growth for the emerging birth biz.

Business Name

Google 'beautiful births'. Go on. I dare you. Page after page of non-descript birthing businesses. Not one standing out in a sea of sameness. Now change that to an image search and add the word 'logo'.  Pretty interesting hey... it seems like every graphic designer out there realised that a pregnant belly could be turned into a 'B'. Ummm B for boring I say.

Am I being harsh? Maybe. If you're reading this and feeling confronted it's because something in you is triggered by the realisation that your brand doesn't stand out. I know it's hard, especially if you paid money for your logo. I'm onto my 4th business name, I feel your pain personally!

It's not just beautiful births either - bumps, beyond, babies, gentle, empowered, inspiring - the list goes on. I'm not saying don't use these words but save them for your content, rather than your business name.

What to do instead? Why not use your own name? Maybe tie that in with your location or what you do? Using key words like doula, birth photographer or Melbourne can be extremely helpful for SEO.


Let's talk about curse #2. Boring branding. Most birth workers pick a couple of pastel colours - maybe blue and green and go from there. Everything is soft, feminine and pastel-y. Which is fine if that's what rocks your ideal clients boat. If your ideal client jumps on your website and her eyes widen, she takes a deep breathe and goes, 'wow, this brand is stunning' and 'not like anything I've seen in my hours of googling birth businesses', then that's fab. But let's face it, is that what's really happening??

I'm guessing these darling pregnant women out there are searching for all their options and getting lost in a sea of similar colours, images, logo and business names.

Why don't you start at Pinterest board and get pinning. Just start searching for images that rock YOUR world. Colour pallettes, photos, things in nature, street art and more! Wait until you see a theme emerging and bang, here is the start of your new brand.


"At Beautiful Births, we support pregnant women to have a positive birth by teaching comfort measure and sharing information. Over the course of 4 weeks, you and your partner can learn how to have a great birth"
So it's nice and I can understand it, but is it memorable?
"I am on a mission to break down the barriers standing in the way of you having a phenomenal birth experience. Join me on an adventure over 4 weeks to learn all about your amazing body and baby so that you and your partner can have a once in a lifetime experience birthing your bubba!"
When you know your dream client inside out, you know what words will make her tick. You know that she'll read your website, your social media posts or emails and feel like you are talking directly to her, not every single pregnant woman out there.
You need to meet you dream clients where they are at. With compassion. With understanding. With a solution to their pain.
The easiest way to do this is with creativity and conviction.

The Answer

Come on a 5 day journey with me, to change how you look at your business and I promise your new clients will look at you differently. 

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M x


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