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Business For Birth Professionals is a group of individuals answering a call; a call to be bigger, brighter, bolder and braver. We are the professionals making a difference to those we serve, stepping up to our power, owning our sh!t and working our butts off to build something bigger than us.

We are the professionals willing to challenge the status quo; the risk takers, the committed and the courageous.

We are those willing to be vulnerable and show our true essence in confidence, that the knowledge we have to share is important.

We are here because we are ready to work, ready to learn and ready to open ourselves to a new way of being.

We are maternal and perinatal professionals - industry leaders; willing to take a stand for what we know and understand to be right and ethical.

Business For Birth Professionals is the place you turn when you forget what you were thinking when you decided building a business was a great idea.

We are a community that will catch your tears, lift you up, support and love you no matter where you are at in your journey.

Slay Self-Sabotage

Learn how to slay those pesky demons telling you that you're not enough. Feel confident and charge your worth using amazing mindset tips and tricks.

Happiness & Success

Success cannot come at the demise of your happiness. Explore what happiness means to you, your WHY, boundaries
and your values.
Leave a legacy you are proud of.

Attract Dream Clients

Learn how to define your dream client and your niche. Once you master the art of communication and attracting your ideal client, you'll never look back.

Create A Viable Vision

Become well versed on setting long and short term objectives along with learning all things manifesting. Create your own mission and vision statement.

Branding That Pops

Show up confidently with a brand that stands out from the crowd. Learn how professionalism and integrity fits into your brand.

Offers That Sell

Don't bore potential clients! Use your talents, passions, gifts and special sauce to create products and services that demand to be purchased.

Show Up & Shine Online

We talk best platforms to use and why and how to be visible in the online space. Get your website bursting with goodness increasing your enquires.

Marketing That Works

We cover 20 ways to market your birth biz, the importance of social media marketing and all things creativity, conviction, compassion and copywriting!

Smarter Not Harder

Get ultra-organised with templates and software - we want you working smarter, not harder towards a booming, profitable and sustainable birth biz!

Michelle Clift - Owner & Coach

In 2016 I certified as a childbirth educator and waited for the clients to roll in. I had my website and some business cards and posted on Facebook to encourage clients to book. I had spent almost $3K on a training and my family needed me to start making some money.
Fast forward through a year of anxiety, burn out and sleepless nights and I found a program that changed my life. It was called Heart & Hustle and it took me through every essential step I needed to build my business into the powerhouse it is today. When Angela Gallo took Heart & Hustle off the market, I took a deep breath and asked if she trusted me to take the reins and continue what she started. The answer was a resounding yes and Business For Birth Professionals was re-born.
Over the years I have realised how strong my passion is for supporting other birth professionals to build their own businesses. I am in a unique position to not only help birth workers build a business they are proud of, is financially lucrative and helps them find their work/life balance, but I also get great joy in knowing that these birth professionals then go on to serve birthing families and their communities from a place of confidence and happiness.
What I've become aware of is birth workers have a deep calling to improve birthing outcomes for families, but often lack business skills or they feel overwhelmed by where to start. I decided to set about working with birth workers to help them create the birth business of their dreams.

Angela Gallo - Founder & Creatrix 

Angela Gallo (also known as Angel Phoenix Arsenal) is a trailblazing educator, content queen, motivational speaker and women's liberation activist whose works are steeped in passion, purpose and poetry.

After a decade of trial and triumph, the journey of becoming the heroine of her own story is how she alchemised her life's work in helping women / womxn how to grieve the loss of what once served them, while dancing into a life alongside the most expressed version of themselves.

Her career begins in Doula work and birth photography, moving onto helping perinatal professionals in business, as well as launching her own Dynamo Doula Training Program.

At present, she is indulging a kaleidoscopic range of offerings within every facet of her own being. She is extremely passionate about helping powerful women in important work to make money doing what they love, as she believes this vibration will smash the patriarchy and change the world.



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