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Depression. Anxiety. Burn Out. Stress Related Health Conditions.

Success. Happiness. 6 Figure Business. Work/Life Balance. The Answer.

My story probably starts in 1982 when I was just a twinkle in my father's eye. My parents were newly married and decided it was time to start a family. My mum knew she wanted a natural birth and tried to employ the services of a hypnotherapist to support her during labour. He eventually pulled out of the deal once he realised what the 'on call' life would entail. But to my mothers credit, she birthed me calmly and gently in just 6 hours with her midwife and my dad supporting her.

When HypnoBirthing became a thing, she did her training and started a legacy. I learnt HypnoBirthing for the birth of my first child and whilst events after the birth led to me suffering post natal depression, I re-visited HypnoBirthing when I was pregnant again. This time around, from beginning to end to then mothering two children, it was a sensational experience.

Still high on my birth experience 10 months later, I trained as HypnoBirthing Practitioner and vividly remember posting on my Facebook page that Simply Natural Childbirth was open and ready for business. Crickets. And then more crickets.

I couldn't reconcile my expectations with reality. Why weren't clients flocking to me? 

This sparked a tumultuous year. I worked hard, non-stop to be honest, and hardly saw my husband or kids because my head was buried in my laptop. And did it pay off? Not really. I certainly made some gains and taught some classes but I had barely paid off the cost of the training. I was anxious, depressed, broke and burnt out.

I was then struck by lightening (figuratively, not literally). I was going to create a training course like no other - a course that would teach newly certified birth workers how to be successful!!! Yassss!! I jumped on google thinking I had this unique idea and I wanted to be sure no else had come up with it first.

My heart sank when I found a course called Heart & Hustle. It was a kick-arse business course run by Angela Gallo (now known as Angel Phoenix Arsenal). Her words on her website reached into my chest and squeezed my heart. It looked perfect and I was devastated that she got there first. But I couldn't stay angry for long because I developed a huge girl crush on Ange and eventually signed up to do Heart & Hustle. 

Fast forward to 3 business name changes, lots of branding adjustments and hundreds and hundreds of clients. This course was the bees knees and I loved it.

In early 2019 Angel let us know that she was ready to focus on other things and Heart & Hustle would be closing. I was upset initially but a tiny seed of an idea starting to grow. Tentatively, I asked Angel if she would consider handing the reins over to me. The answer was a resounding yes.

A re-brand later and Business For Birth Professionals was birthed - a mutual creation between myself and Angel.

Michelle Clift

Michelle brings her passion for business, systems and organisation to Business For Birth Professionals. Having done the program herself, she knows not only the deepest lows of having a birth business that is struggling, but also the joyous highs of having her business flourish.

She is a second-generation birth passioneer, a protector and supporter of birthing parents and birth workers alike. Among so many things, she is HypnoBirthing educator, doula, coach, advocate and disruptor of the birthing status quo. She can be caught laughing too hard at her own jokes and cursing a little too often.

Angela Gallo

Angela is the original brainchild behind the course. With her own birth photography and doula business bursting into the stratosphere, she knew she was onto a magic formula that worked.

Her purpose here on this planet is to show you that your purpose is buried deep within a willingness to be absolutely wrong about everything so that you can blow your own damn mind right open into an abyss of sexy, fired up, feel good vibes. She will show you how to be seen and take up space like you mean it.

She is determined to change the world by unleashing the beautiful beast buried in every single one of us!


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