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free value Dec 16, 2019

A small pre-amble before I start…. I am a childbirth educator (HypnoBirthing Mongan Method), doula and free advice giving-away addict. I have been very active in birth related Facebook groups for the last 3.5 years and also active within the HypnoBirthing Educator community. The course I sold, I actually did as a student 3 years ago. It changed my business and when I heard that the original creator and my mentor, Angel Phoenix Arsenal, was closing the program, I purchased the content from her. She is a micro influencer with a large Instagram following.

How I Planned It

When I purchased the course, it was around 15 modules, with approx. 90 lessons in total and around 50% of the content written. This was all housed in Kajabi and it felt totally overwhelming.

I signed up for Grace Lever’s Course Creation Project and was immediately crystal clear on what I needed to do.

I paired the course down to 8 modules with 6 lessons each. As I already had most of the written content, I decided that Lesson 1 and 6 within each module would be a short video but the middle 4 lessons would stay written with the potential to record them in video at a later time.

As per Grace’s advice, I finished Modules 1 and 2 only before I got started on my sales funnel.

I struck gold when I came across Meg Burrage, a Kajabi Expert who talked me out of launching with a webinar. She explained that webinars often had lots of registrations but few attending and even fewer purchasing. She suggested a 5 Day Challenge leading into the sale of my course which I decided to go with.

Deciding on a topic for my 5 Day Challenge was my biggest hurdle. I had something very wishy-washy originally but at the last minute, changed each day to be packed full of value. I called my challenge, 5 Days To A Birth Biz That Stands Out From The Crowd.

This was the topic for each day;

Day 1 - Organise Your Time & Mind
Day 2 - Define, Refine & Find Your Dream Client
Day 3 - Busting The Birth Business Curse
Day 4 - Let's Get Fully Booked
Day 5 - MASTERCLASS: Creating The Birth Biz of Your Dreams

Day 1 to 4 were pre-recorded videos and Day 5 was a live webinar in Zoom. I recorded the videos on my iPhone in my loungeroom using the Teleprompter app. I have a 'set' using things from my home and no special lighting, sound or video equipment. The videos were around 5-8 minutes long. I created a worksheet for Day 1 – 4 also in Canva.

I used Kajabi to create my website, host the course and handle the sales funnel and process my sales. Yes, it’s incredibly pricey but I didn’t have to worry about any other platforms or software.

I purchased Meg’s 5 Day Challenge Pipeline and got to work editing for my challenge.

Once I was done, Meg did a site review, I made updates to everything I’d missed and off I went.

How I Marketed The Challenge

I used James Brine Marketing to create Facebook ads for me which ran for about 3 weeks prior to the challenge start date. 

I posted on Facebook and Instagram, tagging Angel who then shared anything I created with her audience.

I approached my training organisation to see if they would like to be an affiliate which they did. This allowed me to market directly to the childbirth educators I’d be giving free advice away to for years. I had already built a lot of trust and given a lot of value to this group. 

I had 425 people register for my challenge. Out of this, about 300 made it to my Facebook group where the challenge was being hosted.

The Challenge

The 5 Day Challenge began and each day I uploaded my video and worksheet to the Facebook group around 9am. Participants got an email each day to prompt them to watch the video, do their daily task and upload their answers to the Facebook group.

There was loads of engagement, questions and great feedback every day. I would say at least 200 people participated in the challenge.

On Day 5, I hosted a live webinar which was about an hour and went through my course in detail. I did preface with saying that these were the strategies needed for a successful birth business which they could then learn with me, or teach themselves.

I had an awesome deal that consisted of a $300 discount off $797, an MP3, 3 months in my mentorship group after the course and all 5 days of the challenge videos. I offered a one on one coaching session to the first 3 who signed up to the course. 

Sales came in fairly slowly to start. I was up to 9 the following day but by Day 6 post challenge finishing, I was close to 60 sign ups. I did give away a few places and a couple of sales trickled in over the last few days and even into the first week of the course.

The Course

I decided to run a Live Round for my first launch. I wanted urgency around purchasing which this created. It was 8 weeks for 8 modules, each module being drip fed. We had a Facebook group that was only open for the 8 weeks and I participated daily in the group, answering questions, giving advice and support and went Live once a week.

After the live 8 weeks, everyone will move to another Facebook group based on a paid membership model.

Because I was two weeks ahead with my course, each week, I had to ensure that another week was ready to go once it was drip fed. This kept me on track and accountable to creating the content.


In closing, everything has actually run really smoothly. My biggest learnings were around communication! I realise now that things being crystal clear in my mind, doesn't translate to 425 people knowing how things will run. My next challenge will have a time schedule for each day. I will also try to funnel communication through my email as I had people getting in touch via Facebook Messenger, Instagram, my website contact page, my email and sometimes one person using all four with the same question! It's was hard to keep up with!

The course has gone beautifully and I think it will work really well as an evergreen course as I know a lot of students have felt pressure keeping up with content each week.

Are you a birth worker wanting to work with amazing clients, make money and be happy?!

Join me for my 5 Day Challenge, where you learn to attract more birth biz clients in less than a week!


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