My Name is Michelle and I'm Addicted to Giving Free Advice

dear diary Sep 12, 2019

Dear Diary,

Another day, another request. Someone, somewhere around the world needing help, needing advice, needing support or just needing to let off steam.

For three years now, my week has involved responding to these requests. Sometimes personally to me, often in Facebook groups. I guess I have to admit it. Hi. My name is Michelle and I’m addicted to giving free advice.

I think part of me feels their pain. I was there too. Feeling scared, feeling lost, feeling like my business was never going to succeed and clutching onto anything that might help.

Recently I tried to work out why I do this. Is it to feel important? It is to feel needed? It is to stroke my ego? Deep down I know it’s an avoidance tactic, so I don’t have to dive deep into myself and do the inner work. Because like any habit, it feels safe and familiar. Breaking the habit is scary and opens me up to the unknown.

Breaking the habit means that people might not like me. They might think I’m selfish. They might say horrible things about me. And who wants that, so the habit continues. 

The first step with addiction, is realising that you have a problem. So tick. From here, I’ll be a work in progress and I’m sure I’ll relapse from time to time.

Repeat after me – every time I give free advice, I am giving permission to everyone to work for free. 

Repeat after me – I can be a good and generous person and not work for free.

Repeat after me – you are worth it. Your advice is worth it. Be strong.

M x

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