Two Years Ago This Was Me

I was depressed and suffering from anxiety and a range of other stress related conditions. And then, everything changed. Let me share my secrets with you.


Business For Birth Professionals

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  • Sick of never having enough time, energy, clients or money?

  • Want to know how to get from burn out, stress & anxiety to success, profits and happiness?

  • Create a life where your calling to work in the birth world is appreciated, respected and makes you money!

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"Michelle is an AMAZING support to help build a business. Her knowledge, passion and wisdom oozes out of all that she says and does. "

Jaclyn H
HypnoBirthing Practitioner

A Day-By-Day Look Ahead

Day 1 - Organise Your Time & Mind

Today I’ll share a fantastic way to have your week organised in a matter of minutes. We're going to let go of feeling guilty around how you spend your time and you'll realise how productive you can be. We’ll create a sustainable week for you incorporating time for work, play, family, exercise and self-care.

I’m also going to talk to you about mindfulness meditation, the law of attraction and your business.

Day 2 - Define, Refine & Find Your Dream Client

Learn the biggest mistake that most birth workers make when they define their target market and start to explore who you want to be working with. 

The biggest benefit of defining your dream client is that your marketing suddenly becomes really targeted and more effective.

Today I’ll be sharing my Dream Client Question Guide (that contains 7 key criteria) and you’re going to define, then refine your dream client archetype.


Day 3 - Busting The Birth Business Curse

Business name, branding and content are 3 nails in the coffin of the birth biz. Today we create a birth business that connects to your ideal client.

We’re going to make sure that when your dream clients comes across your website or your social media pages, that they have a visceral response to what you’ve created. 

I’m going to push you to increase your Facebook and Instagram engagement by using my 30 Day Social Media Challenge worksheet.

Day 4 - Let's Get Fully Booked

I'm super excited to share with you my tried and trusted method that I’ve been using for 3 years to have fully booked birth education classes and a fully booked doula schedule.

My stats using this method;
2016 - averaged 1-2 clients per month
2017 - averaged 4 clients per month
2018 - averaged 8 clients per month
2019 - averaged 14 clients per month

I won’t say too much more but this is a day not to miss!!

Day 5 - MASTERCLASS: Creating The Birth Biz of Your Dreams

Today is a challenge participant exclusive! I’m going to talk you through the 8 areas of success for any birth business.

I’ll leave you with a roadmap of how to get from burnt out, broke and bummed to inspired, profitable and happy! Imagine a life with abundant clients, a bursting bank balance and you feel proud, happy and content in not only your career, but in life too.

Special offers, giveaways and bonuses is what Day 5 is all about! I can’t wait!

What To Expect:

Daily Video

Delivered To Your Inbox

You can expect a bite size tutorial from yours truly, every day for 5 days. I will also check in live each day for questions and to connect.
Special guest Angela Gallo will also make an appearance!


Closed Facebook Group

You'll become part of a closed Facebook community along with all the other challenge participants, where you'll find support, motivation and kindred spirits.


Action Items

Yes, there's a bit of homework! Sometimes what you need to do, sometimes what you need to STOP doing. At the conclusion of the challenge, you'll have a crystal clear plan to move forward with.

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See You In There!

Join ME for a HUGE WEEK of Action Taking!

Hi there! I'm

Michelle Clift

In 2016 I certified as a childbirth educator and waited for the clients to roll in. I had my website and some business cards and posted on Facebook to encourage clients to book. I had spent almost $3K on a training and my family needed me to start making some money.
Fast forward through a year of anxiety, burn out and sleepless nights and I found a program that changed my life. It was called Heart & Hustle and it took me through every essential step I needed to build my business into the powerhouse it is today. When Angel Arsenal took Heart & Hustle off the market, I took a deep breath and asked if she trusted me to take the reins and continue what she started. The answer was a resounding yes and Business 4 Birth Professionals was re-born.
Over the years I have realised how strong my passion is for supporting other birth professionals to build their own businesses. I am in a unique position to not only help birth workers build a business they are proud of, is financially lucrative and helps them find their work/life balance but I also get great joy in knowing that these birth professionals then go on to serve birthing families and their communities from a place of confidence and happiness.
What I've become aware of is birth workers have a deep calling to improve birthing outcomes for families, but often lack business skills or they feel overwhelmed by where to start. I decided to set about working with birth workers to help them create the birth business of their dreams.

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Join ME for a HUGE WEEK of Action Taking!


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